Telaga Merdada Dieng Banjarnegara

Telaga Merdada Dieng. Dieng plateau does have a lot of beautiful sights and very interesting to visit. Lots of tourist attractions are rarely visited by tourists but have a beautiful panorama.
Telaga Meradada Dieng

merdada lake tour

One of the tourist attractions in dieng that escape from tourists is lake merdada. Telaga merdada is one of the largest lake in dieng.

Did you know that water from this lake comes from rain water, so when dry this lake will dry up. Vice versa when the rainy season, the volume of the lake water will be anchor.

Although the lake water merdada dry when dry, does not mean you can menginjakan foot at the bottom of the lake. Because the lake is filled with deep mud.

Telaga merdada has a very wide area, which is about 25 hectares. With such a vast area and then this talaga is given merdada. Meradad word meruku to "chest" which means broad or broad.

On the banks of the lake merdada used to be used as a place of fungus nursery by PT Dieng Jaya. But the company has gone bankrupt and left the remains of the abandoned nursery building.

Now the lake area has been utilized local petnai for cultivation activities. Most farmers plant potatoes on the edge of the lake dieng this.

lake merdada dieng wonosobo
Location Telaga Merdada Dieng

The address of merdada lake is located in Karang Tengah Village, Batur Sub-district, Banjar Negara. Many also consider Telaga Merdada tour in wonosobo.
Ticket prices Telaga Meradada Dieng

For the price of admission lake dieng merengada is 5,000 rupiah per person. Other costs you have to spend is a motor vehicle parking ticket.

The price may change at any time. If visiting the lake meradad at the time is not a holiday then no entrance fee is charged.
The Road to Telaga Merdada Dieng

For the path to the lake merengada dieng is as follows. From the intersection dieng take the road direction banjarnegara.

Browse the path until you find the instructions to enter the lake area. The distance from the junction dieng to the lake meradada about 3 km.
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There is quite a review of the well-known harbor wells that are very interesting to explore. And do not forget to keep the existent with no damage to nature and catch wild animals. In addition you should also keep the holiday spots for comfort together.
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