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Telaga Merdada Dieng Banjarnegara

Telaga Merdada Dieng. Dieng plateau does have a lot of beautiful sights and very interesting to visit. Lots of tourist attractions are rarely visited by tourists but have a beautiful panorama.
Telaga Meradada Dieng

merdada lake tour

One of the tourist attractions in dieng that escape from tourists is lake merdada. Telaga merdada is one of the largest lake in dieng.

Did you know that water from this lake comes from rain water, so when dry this lake will dry up. Vice versa when the rainy season, the volume of the lake water will be anchor.

Although the lake water merdada dry when dry, does not mean you can menginjakan foot at the bottom of the lake. Because the lake is filled with deep mud.

Telaga merdada has a very wide area, which is about 25 hectares. With such a vast area and then this talaga is given merdada. Meradad word meruku to "chest" which means broad or broad.

On the banks of the lake merdada used to be used as a place of fungus nursery by PT Dieng Jaya. But the company h…

Batu Pandang Wailing Wind Wonosobo

Batu Pandang or ordinary people call it Wind Ratapan Tour. It is a tourist place located in Dieng Wonosobo with beautiful scenery.

Dieng itself is a place with an ancient volcanic mountain that is not active. Most of it is a former eruption of mountains that leave the hills, rocks protruding to other exotic places.

One proof of the existence of ancient volcanic activity relics of which is a prominent rock cliff. Hill wailing wind or Batu Pandang or rock lament winds one of the relics of these activities.

Batu Pandang Ratapan Angin
Tourists who come to Wonosobo especially to Dieng very fond if not come to this place. Tourist attractions located next to Dieng Plateau Theater is an idol for the visitors. Because in this place visitors can see the beauty of Lake Dieng Color from the top of a prominent rock hill.

If you come to Wonosobo and visit this place it will be treated to incredible views. The beauty of Lake Dieng Color from the cloud can be seen clearly from above Batu Pandang.


Bukit Seroja Wonosobo, Beautiful Natural Tourism that Make Gaw ...

Wonosobo district is a small town that became a tourist destination in central java province. Its geographical location in the mountainous area makes wonosob rich with beautiful sights.

Wonosobo has a variety of natural attractions such as waterfalls, lakes, mountains and much more. One of which we will discuss is the nature tourism seroja hill.

Okay just go to the discussion about hill seroja which has a very beautiful scenery.
Nature Tourism Bukit Seroja Lake Menjer

Seroja hill tour is a tour located in the hills of the lake menjer. In this place you can enjoy the scenery of the lake menjer with the background of Sindoro mountain and a charming mountain of flowers.

Did you know that seroja hill is now a tourist attraction in the latest wonosobo dieng again ngehits among young people.

With the famous nature tourism hills seroja make governments who work with local residents began to manage the place. The locals began to build bamboo stages that blindly this place is more interesting …