Batu Pandang Wailing Wind Wonosobo

Batu Pandang or ordinary people call it Wind Ratapan Tour. It is a tourist place located in Dieng Wonosobo with beautiful scenery.

Dieng itself is a place with an ancient volcanic mountain that is not active. Most of it is a former eruption of mountains that leave the hills, rocks protruding to other exotic places.

One proof of the existence of ancient volcanic activity relics of which is a prominent rock cliff. Hill wailing wind or Batu Pandang or rock lament winds one of the relics of these activities.

Batu Pandang Ratapan Angin

Tourists who come to Wonosobo especially to Dieng very fond if not come to this place. Tourist attractions located next to Dieng Plateau Theater is an idol for the visitors. Because in this place visitors can see the beauty of Lake Dieng Color from the top of a prominent rock hill.

If you come to Wonosobo and visit this place it will be treated to incredible views. The beauty of Lake Dieng Color from the cloud can be seen clearly from above Batu Pandang.

History of the Lights of the Winds

The name of this breeze of wind may be felt when we explore the place. From the parking lot then a little uphill walk to get to the top you will feel how beautiful the scene. Accompanied by wind blows that sometimes cause sounds so it is suitable for you bemoaning a bright future. It is possible that this place is called a windstorm, or a stone of view.

In the past the people around believed the story behind this place. It is said that he once lived a handsome prince and beautiful princess who live in harmony and peace. Until finally they received a trial of life where the presence of a third person who seduced his beautiful wife. The wife who had been faithful began to falter his loyalty to turn away from the prince.

Until finally one day the prince knows the affair between the third person with his wife in the forest next to the lake color. The prince was angry and they fought both the prince and the third man. Because the prince has a supernatural powers he transforms his wife into a bowed stone and turns a third person into a standing stone.

After the incident the prince often visited this place whether they were still stone. The wind that blows violently through the rocks, causing the sound is believed to be the lamentation of sorrow and regret from the wife. This is the story of the history of the rocks or rocks of the wind by the surrounding community.

Location Batu Ratapan Angin / Bukit Batu Pandang

The location of Batu Pandang Ratapan Angin is above Telaga Warna where this place is the best spot to enjoy the beauty of the lake from above. The entire location of the lake can be seen clearly from this place.

In the tour package by Dieng.Me also ushered to be able to enjoy the spot. We can feel the beauty of this place while enjoying the warm food sold around the place. For more clearly the location of Stone lament wind or stone we can see in the following folder.

Ticket Price Entrance Batu Ratapan Tour

Entrance Ticket to enjoy rock hill view for usual day adult Rp. 10,000. The price of admission is if on a normal day and there may be a rise on holiday.

But for those of you who are outside Wonosobo and want to travel to Wonosobo do not be complicated because there Dieng.Me ready to become tour guide with affordable tour package price for your vacation to Wonosobo especially Dieng.



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